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Would You Sell Your Eggs For $5000?

First off, I’m not sure why I was sent this spam e-mail as the last time I checked males don’t exactly have the same body parts as a female. This is almost worst than the time I got a spam e-mail that was advertising a diet pill and it literally said “Dear Mr. Yu, have you been having trouble losing weight from an unwanted pregnancy?” All I could do was sit there and think “I don’t know, take a guess.”

Anyways, this particular e-mail was obviously meant to target women and as the title of this post implies basically they are willing to compensate women who are willing to donate their eggs so that someone else who say can’t have a child through natural means will now have that opportunity to do so. This must be a super enticing way to make money for people who are desperately looking for some extra income.

For a lot of people I guess $5000 can go a long way in say paying off debt or being able to start something up. This is one of those times I think where when it comes to making money people have to determine for themselves on what they think is “good” or “dirty” money so to speak as especially with this type of issue I’m sure everyone has a different perspective on it.

11 Comments to Would You Sell Your Eggs For $5000?

  • I would do it. Where do I sign up???And how often can I do this?

    Angel 4/23/2008 4:20 am

    CECY 5/27/2008 1:15 pm
  • I would be interested but would need to know more about it.

    Beth 6/2/2008 6:42 pm
  • My neighbor did this for 5000. She highly recommended I look into this and see if it is for me or not. I am interested and would like more information on how to become an egg donor.

    Becky 7/2/2008 12:48 pm
  • i would do it . If I knew more about the process.
    heck where do i sign up?

    melissa 7/15/2008 7:14 pm
  • I would like to know how and when I can start?

    joleen 7/22/2008 1:40 pm
  • I wouldn’t mind doing this, but what are the consequences that could become of this to my chances in the future of having kids.

    Brit 8/2/2008 6:48 pm
  • Iwould liket to know how and when i can start??

    Debbie 9/5/2008 12:21 pm
  • yes i would and i would like to know how do i sign up to do so??

    Brittany 10/30/2008 4:20 pm
  • yes i would do it where do i get more info on this

    crystal 11/5/2008 3:57 pm
  • I wanna I wanna… where do I go and sign uppppp!

    Kristina 11/12/2008 5:01 pm

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