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Would You Ever Ask For A Refund For Bad Professional Advice

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I know Christmas hasn’t come up yet, but I am already thinking about goals for next year and the ones I made this year. I as thinking back to the things I did differently this year as there were various avenues of my professional life that I wanted to improve upon. I did seek out professional advice and assistance from a few sources where many of them costed money. That then made me think back where one person told me it would be impossible to do things a certain way.

As a result, he shot down my idea and pretty much suggested he knows more than I do. In some ways it felt like he was telling me that I had to compromise many things for the sake of getting ahead. For the most part he did have more knowledge. But something in me felt he was completely wrong about this. Again, while I did pay a lot of money, I chose to not implement this one advice I was given as it just didn’t seem right. Sure enough, I went against it and experienced success. That got me thinking, would you ever ask for a refund in these cases?

I guess you can say that technically it is just an opinion that you are essentially paying for in these cases and it is your choice to use it or not. It just makes me think though since this is a business transaction that costs you money it would kind of make sense to expect a refund from bad advice. Then again, I guess that is usually why these types of businesses often have huge disclaimers where they hold no responsibilities as to how well you do afterwards.

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