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Would You Bring your Own Beverages To An Event

So obviously everywhere is getting busier here because of the Olympic events. There are a ton of different celebration sites where people can watch the games on a big screen too. You talk about markups. At these types of events. Take a look at the prices for just some simple drinks that ou could easily buy for about 50 cents outside of the venue:

I guess when you are all gathered in a place to have fun then for the most part people feel weird about not splurging. Makes me wonder though, would it truly be too weird to say bring in your own beverages to such events? I know certain places actually don’t permit people to bring food and drinks. In scenarios like this it just makes more sense I’d say.

I actually overheard a conversation from a family where they were so surprised that when they simply ordered like a hotdog and a few drinks the cashier told them that the tab was about $40. Probably is more enjoyable in that situation just to bring your own stuff.

And boy was it crowded in the downtown core today because of the gold medal win for Canada. How crowded? Take a look:

Imagine if at least 60% of that crowd paid inflated prices for everyone that was looking for food and drinks afterwards. Talk about pure profit for a business. Was exciting to see the win though of course. 🙂

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