Worst Low Savings Amazon Prime Day Discount
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Worst Low Savings Amazon Prime Day Discount

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A ton of people were shopping on Amazon for its Prime Day event where normally you should expect significant savings. It seems computer and electronics are often a popular category to try and save a lot. But sometimes there are those deals that make you wonder if the vendor truly believes people will buy anything at any price as long as you tell them it is on sale.

For this one I saw there seemed to be a vacuum cleaner that was on sale as it was tagged as a Prime Day sale. So out of curiosity I click on it to see what the savings are like. I had to look at the price a few tines where you can see it mentions the original price is $149.99. When I quickly scanned to look for the sales price which you would expect to be significantly lower my eyes saw the $134.90. But that wasn’t the sale price as opposed to an inventive to sign up for their credit card.

When I looked back up I realized that the $149 range was also the sale price. Except it was now $149.90. Really, a 9 cents savings? I guess some people just don’t try huh? I know people buy impulsively, but who would do that here?

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