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World’s Richest People

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Forbes recently published its world’s richest people list and for the most part the people who you would expect to be there are there. In total there were about 178 new people who became billionaires and apparently there are about 946 billionaires around the world. This is a brief sample of some:

Name Net Worth Source of Wealth
Bill Gates $56,000,000,000 Microsoft
Warren Buffet $52,000,000,000 Berkshire Hathaway (Investments)
Carlos Slim Helu $49,000,000,000 Telecom Holdings
Ingvar Kamprad & family $33,000,000,000 Ikea
Lakshmi Mittal $32,000,000,000

Lakshmi Mittal

Sheldon Adelson $26,500,000,000

Las Vegas Sands Corp
(Casinos and Hotels)

Bernard Arnault $26,000,000,000 LVMH
(Luxury Goods)
Amancio Ortega $24,000,000,000 Zara
Li Ka-shing $23,000,000,000 Hutchison Whampoa
(Multiple Investments and Operations)
David Thomson & family $22,000,000,000 Thomson Corp
(Media and Entertainment)
Lawrence Ellison $21,500,000,000 Oracle Systems
Liliane Bettencourt $20,700,000,000 L’Oreal
Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud $20,300,000,000 Investments
(Most from Citigroup)
Mukesh Ambani $20,100,000,000 Reliance Industries
Karl Albrecht $20,000,000,000 Aldi
Roman Abramovich $18,700,000,000 Sibneft
Stefan Persson $18,400,000,000 Hennes & Mauritz
Anil Ambani $18,200,000,000 Reliance Communications
Paul Allen $18,000,000,000 Microsoft
Theo Albrecht $17,500,000,000 Aldi
Azim Premji $17,100,000,000 Wipro
(Technology Services)
Lee Shau Kee $17,000,000,000 Henderson Land
(Real Estate)
Jim Walton $16,800,000,000 Wal-Mart
(Retail Store)

Kind of makes a millionaire look like peanuts in comparison huh?

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