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Working With Your Neighbors To Save Money

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I was talking to a person today that was thinking of cutting back on all of her cable expenses which included the TV and the Internet. Apparently she needed to save money and thought that this was a luxury that was expendable. Another factor was that apparently she can’t get the Internet and TV service separately as you are forced to get bundle.

While she wanted the Internet, because of that stipulation it would cost too much to keep it. I was then semi joking how she could leach Internet from others by using a wireless connection. Afterwards I suggested that if she got along well with her neighbors she could offer them say $10/month to allow her access to their Internet wirelessly. Cause for most people this could work just as well and it won’t affect the other person too much. Plus they are getting an extra $10/month. So it can make sense for both parties.

You can usually do a lot of stuff like that with your neighbors to try and save money. I guess the most common thing is when you lend the other tools to do some work as oppose to having to buy them yourself. Hopefully you get along with them of course before even fathoming the thought of saving money together.

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