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Working With So Many Different Companies At Once

I was talking to a person today who pretty much has about five different jobs with different companies all at once. The thing with him is that none of these were full time as every job was technically part-time or on contract. The conversation came up as recently there has been so much news about job lost such as with companies like Blackberry or even some more local stories such as Pixar studios closing its doors here. As a result, many people are stuck looking for work.

For himself, he was saying this is never an issue for him as he ends up turning away work as being involved with so many companies keeps him busy full time where it’s more about him choosing when and who to work for. In some ways I was thinking that is kind of like a self employed individual where you work with a bunch of different clients to help keep you busy.

I suppose the argument with this is that working full time with one company will probably offer a little more security and benefits which you mostly wouldn’t be getting by simply being a part time worker. In some ways even if you do work full time with one company it isn’t too bad of an idea to establish a professional relationship with companies that only offer say contract or part time work too. This is one of those there is not only one way to do things I suppose.

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