Working With Industry Juggernauts

Working With Industry Juggernauts

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I was reading an interesting article about how this small company ended up becoming a contender in an industry that appeared to be monopolized by a few companies. To give you an idea of the difficulty in establishing a business think of it like trying to open a up a telecom company and competing against say the three main providers in the country.

It was interesting as he said the key was to start small and to try and offer ways to increase those companies’s bottom line. For example, trying to be a wholesaler to them for products or getting them customers through a reseller partnership. From then on the large companies would provide him with more benefits and support to the point that his business became a part of that company’s daily operation reliance.

I guess you know what happened next where once his own business became big enough he was able to have his own large business without the need of the larger companies. I guess you can say they created their own competition. It’s a pretty common strategy I suppose if you are trying to break in a field that is dominated by others. It’s interesting that they would openly say that though as it is one of those things where most would want to keep it to themselves.

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