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Working Visas As Leverage

I was kind of surprised to hear this. Essentially, there is a school that offers international students the opportunity to get a very long working visa of sorts for immigrants who want to stay in the country. Of course, the catch is people would have to actually enroll into the school program which costs tens of thousands of dollars. So from the cases I read people weren’t actually going to the school so much for the education but rather the ability to get a working Visa to enable themselves to stay in the country.

It seems to be working well for them too which is the sad part I thought. To me this is like one of those things where you just have to think about the ethics in it. It might be very smart from a pure dollar point of view as you are attracting more business this way, but it just seems kind of wrong. Then again, you can argue that it is the person’s decision to blow their money like that too.

There is no point in putting yourself into so much debt in that case like what I was reading from people’s experience. It’s almost like a get rich quick scheme type of mentality where you just dump your money at the first easy solution you see. If you ever have to spend tens of thousands in this scenario you may as well try to find something that is more long term while investing it in yourself to actually develop something. I would be almost inclined to say that you could use those funds to get wealthy at your home place so that you can easily travel back after.

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