Working On Easter Long Weekends or Not
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Working On Easter Long Weekends or Not

It will be the Easter long weekend here and for a lot of people that means some extra time off. However, many times businesses remain open as it is an optimal time to generate business. For example, restaurants can expect a lot more traffic due to more people being off work and wanting o splurge on some food and entertainment. But it did make me wonder, how about for professions such as a real estate agent? Would you take the day off or would you keep going just in case you get say a prospective client that wants to buy now?

I can imagine under regular circumstances one would think it’s not exactly a business that relies on high volume versus just finding the right people. So you could argue “it can wait” as an example. But would it be wise just to “stay open” where even if you don’t actually say go out and show people property, just acknowledging and answering inquiries still can be beneficial?

I would be inclined to say it could be beneficial to “stay open” in that aspect where it would probably take very little of your time to respond while semi ensuring you don’t just throw away potential business to someone else who did stay open to inquiries for these types of businesses.

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