Working High Stress But Less Jobs A Year

Working High Stress But Less Jobs A Year

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For most people it’s pretty normal to work a traditional nine to five life as you work about eight hours a day and five days a week. You become accustomed to it and manage your finances where even missing a week of work could completely disrupt one’s finances. So it was kind of interesting to hear the opposite of a person who works high ticket jobs that are very time demanding where they work on less projects but have kind of the same challenges.

In this case the person also needs to work a specific amount of jobs per year in order to make a comfortable living. But many times the person could find themselves getting stuck with a single project where they need to see it complete before moving on to the next one. Imagine being stuck on a project for a whole year and in this case you need to work on say five to ten to make an appropriate yearly income. That sounds way less than a nine to five, but there are so many more unpredictable factors that could disrupt how much you can work.

It gives perspective too that each path has its pros and cons where people usually admire the other side or think it is so much easier. Like they say, if it was so easy everyone would be doing it. I the end it’s finding what works for you.

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