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Working For A Few Hours To Capitalize On Big Discounts

Usually during this time of the year companies go on a hiring spree to find some seasonal staff in order to accommodate for the holiday shopping rush. What was interesting to me is that some companies are plastering the fact you will be entitled to employee discounts for working with them and that you can work as little as one day a week. It’s almost like they are encouraging people to work for them solely for the discounts.

That isn’t exactly the most efficient way to handle human resources I’d say as usually most companies would require people to be available for at least two days. But what it did make me think of is how much money you could save if the business is a place that you would normally do a lot of your shopping from.

For example, I know things like clothing items usually have a ridiculous markup where it’s not uncommon for employees to get a 50%-60% discount. So, imagine you normally intending to spend like $1000 on clothing items as gifts where working one weekend every week can save you $500-$600.

Worth your time? Guess that really depends on your personal financial situation. Almost the same thing as deciding whether or not lining up for a deal is worth it I’d say.

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