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Working Farther For Higher Pay

Today I was talking to a person who had to drive about one and a half hours each day to get to work. So when you think about it three hours of his day is spent on commuting. When asked why he decided to work so far he mentioned that the pay was better compared to most of the other places that were closer to him. By the sounds of it too it seemed like it paid about two dollars an hour extra.

I was then calculating that in my head to see if it was truly worth it. For example, working five days a week at eight hours a day for the year would mean you spend about three hundred and ninety hours commuting. With an extra two dollars that means one would be getting about forty one hundred and sixty dollars extra in working at the far away job. Like in this case would you say you could think of other things you can do with an extra three hundred plus hours a year to earn about four thousand dollars?

If it was all about money in this case I would think it would be better to find something else casual/part time to do to earn more. Example, some people work extremely casual at local supermarkets to earn an extra income while getting store discounts to save more. Doing it for the opportunity/experience is difference of course. It just makes me think of like in a business situation where it’s all about the net income as opposed to the gross income.

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