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Working Under A Brand Name Instead

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So recently here there is a Trump Tower that is now opened for business where of course the name is generating a lot of controversy. Before all the US presidential election stuff it was seen as a pretty big name of luxury in many ways. Though now opinions are split. Although I think it is common knowledge to know now that many of those Trump towers aren’t actually built by Trump but rather he licenses the name which should theoretically give operators more business and exposure.

It kind of made me think how many times when starting out working under a bigger brand name of sorts can actually be a good idea. Many times the lesser known brands or companies can actually produce superior products and services but the fact that no one has ever heard of them makes it harder to get business.

In that sense it may not be a bad idea to do something like this to build your foundation and then afterwards you will have all the resources necessary to do it on your own per se. I think a common example of this nowadays are people that sell their items on established sites like Amazon to build their business. Then afterwards they would say sell more directly to the consumer on their own site.

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