Doing The Work When No One Tells You To
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Doing The Work When No One Tells You To

Today I decided to do some extra training for my martial arts practice where normally I would be with some other people. It sounded like everyone was busy and so the day was cancelled. Regardless I actually ended up going by myself as I figured I was planning to train anyways so why not? As I started and the day went on the owner and instructor actually showed up and was shocked to see me there. At the same time you could tell that he was very happy to see that I was motivated to do things on my own.

This resulted in him asking questions on why the other people didn’t show up and how many other days I have done the same thing. All this seemed to motivate him to want to make sure that I get the proper support to achieve my goals. As well it seemed like he was using this as a way to evaluate why certain people are progressing better in certain departments.

Generally speaking though doings things without the need to have someone else telling you to is a must have trait as a self-employed person. Even when it comes to mastering a skill many time that comes down to what do you do outside of the classroom on your own time too. I tend to think that if you can’t motivate yourself to do the work with no one looking over the shoulder then maybe you are in the wrong field of choice per se.

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