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Wording To Portray Optimism Versus Wishful Thinking

I was reading a note today from a person that was looking for a business partner of sort as he lacked certain technical skills. Therefore, he felt that if he finds this person that they can make a lot of money together. The way he posted his message would probably discourage almost any serious person though I thought. Essentially, he was saying that he has a business that will generate a large amount of cash since it is currently doing good and that all he needs is the right person to turn it into a goldmine of sort.

From the way it was worded though, I can’t help to think that when people use any kind of term like “cash” that you tend to view it as a wishful thinking on their part as opposed to someone having a great idea and potential. Wheres I am more positive if the person said something like he is confident that a partner will help increase revenue to make it a more profitable venture for the both of them that you would then take it as optimism. Such a profound difference based on using different words I thought.

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