Women Suing Google For Walking Directions
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Women Suing Google For Walking Directions

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Anyone else read that news today? I was just browsing around some news site and apparently there is a lady who was using Google maps as her directional guide and ended up getting hit by a car as the route wasn’t what she expected. You can read the article at http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2010/05/29/if-google-told-you-to-jump-off-a-cliff-would-you/ .

The main thing that this made me think about is the lawyers and how they are probably making a lot of money with what I think shouldn’t even be a case at all. It’s almost like trying to create an issue for the sake of keeping your business afloat in many ways I think . Kind of like a company claiming that you need their special pill product to protect you. Basically you are creating a market for yourself.

Some may argue where that is the foundation of most businesses anyways where the bottom line is profits and trying to convince people to buy into things that they don’t necessarily need or would be appropriate.

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