Woman Sues Doctor for Being Born
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Woman Sues Doctor for Being Born

This was one fascinated story I read today. This article by the New York Post talked about how a woman who was born with a lot of health issues sued the doctor arguing she would have in a sense never been born if the doctor properly advised the mother on what to do to try and ensure a healthy child. From the article, it implied if the mother had known all the stipulations ahead of time she would have aborted the pregnancy by the sounds of it. Long story short, they won the suit worth millions of dollars in health care costs and damages.

Liability is always something people have to consider in a business environment. But would you ever imagine something like this? This is probably a landmark case as well which opens up the doors for others who may be thinking of suing for compensation with similar scenarios in regards to child birth. Does this actually scare you away from professions that involve giving medical advice as well?

Just when you think you have seen it all there is always something new on the horizon I suppose.

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