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Witnessed A Car Accident

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I was just walking back from the bank in my neighborhood and all of a sudden I hear this car behind me that starts speeding up. As it would have it, the person then crashed into another car that was exiting out of the parkway in-front of me. It looked like one of the car was a Porsche too.

As one of the people that witnessed the whole ordeal, I provided my contact information incase the two needed some kind of testimony should the situation require it. That’s going to be one ugly expense for either parties though.

I was just thinking on how while the situation seems like it was created as a result of the guy suddenly beginning to speed up and driving pretty fast, in a residential zone too might I add, at the same time law wise the person who was exiting out of the parking lot may lose due to a technicality as I guess when you are in that position you have to make sure it is absolutely clear before trying to exit.

I was kind of surprised at how calm the two were too when they confronted each other and began exchanging papers. That’s definitely one thing that would ruin a monthly budgeting plan as I’m sure someone’s insurance rates will be going up.

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  • Well, it’s certainly possible for both parties to lose. I often see police logs where one party is charged with running a stop sign, and the other is charged with driving at an unsafe speed. For that matter, that’s kind of what happened when a car hit my old apartment building when I was in college a couple years back… the guy ran the stop sign because he didn’t see it, but he told me the lady was coming down the street like a bat out of hell – and he didn’t have much reason to lie to me, so… don’t know how the citations fell on either of them, though, but I guess one can surmise he was at least cited for running the stop sign, eh?

    Jake Stichler 4/26/2008 6:13 pm

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