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Winning Awards To Increase Sales

The Grammy’s were on today and while I am not too into the music scene I watched small portions of it. That then led to me reading articles about how certain artists receive such a huge boost in their careers whenever they win any kind of award. Many people were using that singer Taylor Swift as an example and how she made about 380% more in sales after her first award.

I thought the funny thing is that Grammy awards appear to be the ones that are usually the ones that are most targeted by writers where people mock it as a useless award for one reason or another. Thinking about it, if those kind of rewards generate that kind of extra business who would care? You often see all these awards online too where for many of them you have to pay for the opportunity to be considered. People do pay too for them to still be in business and once they win they start identifying themselves as “award winning” to help attract more sales and trust from potential customers.

I wouldn’t be surprised too if most people don’t even check at how hard it is to say win a certain award and if it really means anything. Almost to the extent that you could probably gather twenty of your own buddies who also own a business, make up your own awards and then use it to promote yourself. Almost like inventing your own employee of the month award.

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