Will Vaccine Topics Create Customer Division For Businesses?

Will Vaccine Topics Create Customer Division For Businesses?

Normally when it comes to things like a restaurant people wouldn’t talk about things such as one’s political beliefs or health issues to determine what group of people a business should welcome. But with so many places around the world debating about items such as vaccine passports It makes you wonder is it even possible to stay neutral and just offer people your product or services?

For example, there are some business who say they will cater to vaccinated people only and immediately you see the backlash. Will the business survive? That is yet to be seen. Vice versa, there are ones that say they won’t discriminate and then you have a large group of people criticizing them for that. Again, is it impossible to stay neutral?

I don’t think I have ever seen a situation like this as well where it doesn’t matter what side you take the other will condemn you for it.

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