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Widget Bucks Payment

I received a check today from Mpire Corporation which is the company that runs the Widget Bucks program that I ran on this blog as a test. Here is a picture of the envelope that it came in:

Of course, here is a photo of the check itself for a payment of $63.60:

At first I was a little confused about the currency that the check was written in as from my experience most companies label it on the check. However, since the company is based in the US I naturally assumed it was in US currency and sure enough it is.

That’s not too bad of a performance I thought in terms of generating an income with the fact that I just kind of stuck the widget on the blog without too much planning. However, I’ve decided to remove the widget at the moment as I noticed it was taking a very long time to load up which created an enormous load time on the blog. Hopefully they will fix that up though as for me the performance hit was a bit too much.

That’s not to discourage anyone else from trying it if you think it will work for your site. As I mentioned before, I thought the Widget Bucks program would work best on a more tech oriented site. I’m currently experimenting with another program that should be launching soon, so we’ll see how that works out. Journey scorecard is as follows thus far:

Stock Investment: $800
Web Publishing: $285.79
Million Dollar Term: $100

Total: $1185.79

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