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Who You Get Paid From Factor

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Funny thing happened today. I went to the bank to enquire about a US Chequing account as I was debating on better ways to manage funds and to see who offered the best exchange rates as those fees can be pretty hefty. The lady was asking me if they were big cheques I was thinking of and I did have a few ready to be deposited. One of them happened to the Google Adsense cheque I got recently which she saw in my organizer.

Her response was so interesting I thought as she immediately reacted by saying “Oh my god, how come Google is giving you money?” Basically, she knows it is a large company and so I guess when people see payments written out by big named companies it is supposed to be extraordinary. I guess that kind of shows you why some people like to emphasize so much on who writes their pay cheque every week if it is from a well known company. Cause with that kind of mentality, I guess many people would tend to value one’s opinion more.

Kind of silly in some ways when I think about it, but interesting nonetheless.

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