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When You Have To Spend Reward Points

I got a notice today where I have accumulated these club points that will be expiring in about two months. Therefore, I should spend them on something before they expire. I was looking at the rewards and it looked like one of those situations where anything I would want requires more points than I have. At the same time, I can get so many items that I don’t want.

That just made me wonder what kind of mindset I should have in redeeming these points. Example, using it to get gifts that I could giveaway to people or potentially selling them for money. At this point I was thinking that stocking up potential collector item type of gifts would be best. Cause in those cases the items are rare where a collector would appreciate it as a gift or if I do sell it later on it can go for a decent price since it is rare.

I would tend to avoid getting anything that you can simply buy at the store if I can as that would be like just buying something for the sake of doing so.

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