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When You Do Everything Yourself

Today was kind of a exhausting day as so many things came up that needed my attention. The unfortunate thing was I was pretty much a one man army. While I was able to get the work done this is one of those times where you wonder if it is simply better to have like a partner in a business so that you can get more things done.

I’m sure everyone knows the drawbacks such as if you could trust another person to be equally as committed as you are or who would portray the same professionalism as you would. I always find that the most difficult when trying to find a partner as trust and respect is usually one of those things that you have to earn. Usually the time it takes to do that will result in you already having gone off on your own for quite awhile. So in that sense it’s almost like if you want a partner you are going to just have to suck it up and take a gamble with them from the start.

I think the only times I have found partnering up with people to be easy is if whatever project or venture you are doing with them has everyone’s name and reputation on the line visibly obvious way. For example, being involved in something that has a lot of media coverage or if it is being evaluated by authority figures in a particular field. Almost like the difference between teaming up with people who are prepared to compete in the Olympics versus a community organized match.

I must admit though, doing everything yourself isn’t the best way to go in the long run unless your business is purely one dimensional.

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