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When Liquidators Take Over A Sale

I was reading a comment about a closeout sale the other day. With a label like that I think it is natural to expect things that are say 40% below the average retail price. However, as it turns out everything was at the same price if not more expensive. It would seem that the company was trying to get every last penny they could while capitalizing on the notion that most people would assume it is a great deal just because it is labeled as a closeout sale.

Usually in cases like those the company is already in so much trouble that they sold their assets to someone else. Like in this case, a liquidator was now in charge of the pricing and their goal is to simply get as much as they can while they can. So in that sense, I usually don’t expect too much from closeout sales if I know for a fact that the company is in trouble.

Usually moving away sales can bring up a lot of great deals I find. In many of those cases the company is growing into bigger and better things and it is simply cheaper to sell what they have as opposed to paying all the logistics in moving so many items. Many times too, it’s the actual company that is handling the sales.

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