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When It Is Free Everyone Shows Up

Today there was a big event here as our expanded rapid transit system that connected the airport to the downtown core was open to the public. This is supposed to help a lot with the Vancouver Olympics 2010 traffic as well. To celebrate this everyone was allowed to ride the train for free for about 8 hours.

Sure enough, it drew a huge crowd including those who don’t normally use public transportation. I decided to try it out too to see what it was like. I must say, it is pretty fast. Although, what interested me a lot was the type of methods they used to attract a crowd.

Most noticeably, the fact that it was free made a lot of people want to try it out. That is usually an effective way to get the word out about your product or services too if you are starting out. Many times people are so caught up in trying to sell the product/idea when really no one even knows about it yet. Therefore, the focus should be more about getting awareness.

Something to think about if you are starting or launching something new.

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