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When Income Stability Gets In The Way

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There was a lady I was talking to today where her dream was to be a professional musician where she could live comfortably doing what she loves everyday. However, like most creative fields a lot of people often do something else to help with the income while they work in building their dream.

For her it was kind of interesting as she mentions how she often has to turn down potential opportunities to further her music career as she can’t exactly just drop her regular work to take those opportunities as of course the repercussions could be bad. Therefore, it’s a constant struggle between doing what’s necessary to maintain a stable cash flow and deciding what risks are worth taking in helping you to achieve your goal.

Now many say the only real solution is to sort of starve yourself, figuratively speaking, where like in this example you can’t do anything else but music related work to make a living as this will force you to have that hunger everyday to force you to accomplish your goal. Really, the main issue I’d say is getting too comfortable as that tends to make you think that you have an infinite amount of time to reach your goal.

I guess the compromise here that works for many is that if you insist in doing something simply for income stability then forcing yourself to spend a lot of that money specifically for you to reach your goal is a good way to go. With this the “starving” mentality will be more about wanting to get out of that routine as your non survival money is not being spent on pleasure such as going to the bar everyday. Basically, you need to reach your goal first before you can fully indulge in things like that.

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