When Food Products Seem Way Too Cheap
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When Food Products Seem Way Too Cheap

Today while walking through the grocery stores I was looking for some jars of pickles that were on sale. Usually I try to find the items that have less artificial stuff added to it while at the same time trying to be as local as possible. While they are normally about $3 a jar I saw this one Value Brand jar in Walmart for sale for about 99 cents. It seemed like It was on sale at a clearance price of sort. The expiry date seemed okay and all. Ironically, the item being so cheap made me wonder “what is wrong with this?”

At first I thought the main drawback was that a lot of the other brands indicate that its product is all from North America. These ones specifically stated they were from India. But upon further observation it seemed like virtually all of the other Value Brand pickles that were cut different were from India as well. They weren’t on sale though.

I was actually contemplating of buying the more expensive items in this case. Kind of weird considering I often want the best priced item that gives me the most value. But when it comes to things like food I am a little more cautious usually. In the end I did end up buying the 99 cent jar to try out. The quality didn’t seem as good as the pricier ones but I guess the important thing is I am still alive after eating it.

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