When Companies Feel No Affects of a Boycott

When Companies Feel No Affects of a Boycott

Usually it’s a good idea to do what your customers are telling you because if they decide to not spend money on your product or services then the business could go under. So many times consumers would ban certain products to hurt companies financially until they get the changes they want. Many times companies comply. But what if it’s a situation where you have a lot of high paying customers who are demanding for things that are going against your company vision? As well, you know that you could survive without them?

I was reading some stories of these types of situations where online you heard a lot of comments of people boycotting a company and all the data showed it definitely had an effect. But despite this the company was willing to lose these groups of people as they felt it simply didn’t match their business direction. When it came down to it, the company felt virtually no effect it seems as financially it seemed like they were doing business as usual and even grown a bit. However, you still had a lot of people leaving them bad reviews as an example.

I guess what made me think too is how the company just ignored these people from then on. Would you at least acknowledge them afterwards even though it seems to be working out for you as expected number wise?

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