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What Is Too Much Sacrifice For A Business

I was watching some episodes of the show Dragon’s Den and one point that seemed to have come up is how a lot of the entrepreneurs are willing to sacrifice almost anything for their business. This ranged from people having to sell their homes in an effort to fund their business to the extreme of people who were willing to sacrifice their marriage in an effort to succeed. Course that brought up topics how people should stop when it comes to scenarios like those.

The interesting thing too I thought is how you probably can find stories of say people selling their most precious items to get funding for a business to then see them be extremely successful. So it definitely isn’t an impossible scenario. But the stories where people were willing to neglect their marriages for example is kind of extreme I thought.

I guess the way I look at it is I would imagine most people start a business to make money and that money is supposed to help build and enrich your lifestyle. Therefore, with that mentality it doesn’t make sense to go to the extreme in terms of sacrifice in most cases if you have a business that is doing nothing but draining your money. At some point it almost sounds like it turns into a gambling addiction of sort. In some cases it is good to the adopt the pay yourself first mentality so that you don’t forget that you have to take care of yourself too.

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