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Watching Out For Cashiers Now Too

Today at a supermarket I saw a cashier who was trying to convince a person to sign up for the store credit card with the common pitches such as how you would get say $20 free for doing so. The customer mentioned he wasn’t interested. The thing was she wouldn’t give up as she then kept going on about how at the end of the month the managers check how many new card accounts each employees have obtained. With that in mind she desperately kept begging the guy to sign up as if her job depended on it except she was doing in nervous smiling way.

I couldn’t believe what she did next as she was then asking if the guy had any ID. While he did say yes she asked to see it and what she did was that she acted as if she was just showing him what the sign up process would involve but in actuality she actually tried to sign him up. However, the application got denied as the machine required more information. Of course from there he didn’t as he didn’t want the card.

Kind of crazy how far a person can go in a live sale pitch by acting innocent like this huh? People usually only worry about commissioned sales people in high-ticketed item stores. I guess you now even have to watch out for fast talking and questionable cashiers as well.

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