Wasting Too Much Time And Money On Backups
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Wasting Too Much Time And Money On Backups

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It’s usually a great idea to have some kind of backup for your data where if something goes wrong with your hard drive as an example it can cost you thousands to try and get it back. Or worst, not being able to get that work back ever which would be even worst. Especially if it was something of a significant event. But how much is too much?

I was reading about a person who backed up everything and probably spends almost $300 a month or more backing up his data. For example, multiple hard drives with the same files in case one breaks down. Uploading file copies to web hosting services that he subscribes to as well as various cloud based services. The cost really adds up. I guess an exaggerated example to make the point is would you back up the exact same file on five different hard drives to be safe?

Like there that is super expensive where I would have to wonder if it is worth it. It almost feels like having three different types of backup sources should be adequate for most. Anymore almost feels like it is a waste of money. Unless you are backing up corporate and enterprise type of data. Then that is a different story. But for regular files that can be a bit too much I think.

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