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Warnings For Renewals

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This was kind of a nuisance. I have been subscribing to a service for years as it is kind of necessity to do some work. For one reason or another the service didn’t renew and it was set for an automated billing routine. So the service was inaccessible all of a sudden which at first I thought it was just because of some kind of maintenance. But upon further inspection it was because the account didn’t get renewed.

The strangest thing about this is that the company didn’t even send a message of any kind indicating that they say had some kind of issue with the billing system. Usually for a lot of subscription based services too you get reminder e-mails a few days before and even after the expiration date to give you a lot of warning that something may be wrong if your service is not being renewed. Or at minimum, companies do that because they don’t want to lose out on a sale as the customer is probably more open to going elsewhere if they are free from a contract.

If you run a subscription based service then don’t forget to implement some kind of simple reminder protocol for the customers.

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