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Wanting To Work After You Have All The Money In The World

I was told about a person who not too long ago won the lottery and as you can imagine she is pretty much set for life unless she does something really silly with her money. The interesting thing was that after a year or so she just got so bored to death that as a result she returned to the workforce. It was actually the same government job that she had before.

While many people always say that they want all the money in the world and would just sit home and do nothing if they had it all, that’s usually not the case when it happens. When it comes to outlook and long-term goals, I usually think to myself if I had everything I have ever wanted personally when it comes to financials and aspirations then what? Because of that, for myself it doesn’t matter how much money I have as everyday I want to learn more.

I have heard people say many times too that they have chosen their profession, such as a doctor, because you can’t ever truly master it as there is something new to learn everyday. That can be good when it comes to money where you are not going to be fixated so much about how big your bank account is but rather being more focused in living a fulfilled life. Then, the money is more as a means to accomplishing your aspirations. Don’t be surprised if the money just comes to you when you don’t care too much about it either. How many times have you heard that story?

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  • That woman is very wise. I’ve written about how most lottery winners wind up bankrupt because they go crazy with the money. It must be great to work, yet know that finances won’t weigh on your mind. The transmission breaks, you can get it fixed or buy a new car if you wish.

    JoeTaxpayer 9/12/2009 5:51 am

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