Wanting To Look Less Professional

Wanting To Look Less Professional

I was having an interesting conversation today with a person who didn’t seem to have much success in trying to build buzz and awareness for a campaign he was running in an attempt to attract potential customers. On paper it sounded like he had everything set and spent thousands making sure all of the his materials were professional looking. Everything from photos to videos.

The funny thing was that he then decided to do the opposite such as using videos that looked like an average consumer could take. And sure enough, trying to look not as professional actually resulted in him getting more attention as well as followers it seemed. I suppose it comes down to relationship where in some cases like these people can relate to you better if it looks like you are at least on the same level as them. Especially in certain situations where you are trying to target a broad audience.

Think again I suppose if you think you always need to break the bank and have everything look like a million dollars in order to succeed in some kind of venture.

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