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Wanting To Give Money For The Effort

Here was an interesting situation I was told. Imagine you were looking to buy a new home and so you enlisted the service of a real estate agent. Basically they were putting in the effort to find and show you places. However, the right property didn’t seem to come up. Afterwards, based on your own research you were able to find a good place and the owner was selling it without the use of an agent. This means you wouldn’t need them anymore either.

As you know, they are compensated on a commission based system. But like here, they would essentially walk away with nothing despite all the effort as the bottom line is they didn’t find the right solution for you. In a situation like this, would you be inclined to use the agent anyways and pay them the commission fee or would you be inclined to say since you ultimately found the right deal yourself you may as well save money?

It was interesting to me as a topic was brought up how like in these cases a lot of people would simply sink away like say $10,000 due to feeling bad. Of course the rebuttal from some people were that it’s a business and that it is the risk they take which shouldn’t come at your expense. Sounds kind of cruel in many ways huh? Is it too mean like in this case to not give the person the business? I guess an important thing to remember too is that you need to take care of yourself financially as well.

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