Wanting To Cash Out Reward Points With Value
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Wanting To Cash Out Reward Points With Value

I was just thinking the other day that since I switched the credit card to a cash back option way back that means I still have an excess of these reward points sitting in my account. By the looks of it, based on the rewards the dollar value is worth about $200 to $250.

One thing though is that so many of the items seem either a little bit dated or inflated price wise. So, I couldn’t exactly just find one item to redeem that would be the best value. Example, taking one item that uses all the points makes it look like I am paying $50 more for the product. At the same time, this showed me that I am going to have wasted points too as it doesn’t look like I can use everything up.

At this point, I think I am going to wait until I can get some good gift card deals.

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