Waiting Too Long On Store Clearance Deals
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Waiting Too Long On Store Clearance Deals

Today was the final day for a lot of Bed Bath and Beyond stores and I figured I drop by to see if there was actually anything left to get. I wasn’t intending to buy anything initially. But the other day I saw a huge pile of small storage boxes which I thought may be useful and it didn’t seem like people cared to buy it. So I figured they would be there still right?

Nope. As a went back today everything was pretty much cleared out. Even I underestimated at times on how people will just buy everything when they see an 80% to 90% off sign even if they have no real use for the items. I ended up not getting anything while just taking pictures of the store in case in the future people want to see what it was like.

But this sows you, if you really want or need a particular item then maybe 60% off, assuming it’s an actual good deal, may be the safe point to buy the item before everyone simply buys it emotionally.

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