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Waiting Too Long For Better Deals

For one of my utility services I have been holding off from signing up for a different package as there are supposed to be new competitors and market offerings which will drive the prices down. For this one in particular it has been about five months already and nothing new has happened yet. Therefore, I have essentially lost a few dollars over the past months by staying on my current plans instead of switching and committing to an existing plan that is cheaper.

It’s almost like playing the stock market or something as if the new companies do launch then I could probably save about 30% than what I currently pay. However, committing to those contracts will of course strip away that potential benefit. I know some people usually wait it out even if there are better deals with competitors. In that sense, they would always just get what is cheaper currently which is more stable I suppose you can say.

I usually find that waiting it out does net more savings though as usually the amount you save is substantial enough to warrant the extra amount you are currently paying. It’s just so tempting at times to just get what is cheaper immediately instead of waiting for the market to settle. Of course, if I know the market probably won’t change for at least a year then I usually would just commit to what is best currently.

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