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Waiting To Cash In Foreign Cheques To Earn More

For a lot of these online affiliate programs, companies usually give you an option to select what currency you would like them to pay you by when your funds accumulate to a certain balance. Almost similar to a Forex Trader, I sometimes hold off cashing in payments that were given to me in say a US currency if I think the Canadian dollar is dropping to earn more.

A quick example would be yesterday where the dollar was at about 82 cents US and today it is at about 79. Essentially, an extra 3 cents per dollar I would have lost if I cashed it in yesterday. Of course it is not much for a small volume, but it can mean a lot for higher payments. Therefore, many times I tell the companies to give me the payment in the presently stronger currency and has the best potential to earn more.

Is it worth it overall? I’d say yes not so much because of the money, but rather it kind of helps to teach yourself to earn more by just doing little changes and at the same time makes you realize that sometimes you have to do more active with your money then just leaving it in the bank to really get the most out of it.

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