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Volunteering For Free Admission

I went to an event today that had a small admission fee and there were a few volunteers that helped to setup the event. A lot of the volunteer work took place in the beginning to set things up and at the end. Afterwards, they pretty much got to see the show like everyone else. It then made me think of how usually for smaller events and venues organizers are always looking for volunteers. In exchange they offer things like free admission to the events.

That’s something to think about if you want to attend events while finding alternatives to having to pay money out of your pocket. This can even be applicable to big events like concerts at times or even highly anticipated conventions. Basically get to volunteer in participating in something you were going to attend anyways while not having to pay money. While of course you have to technically do work, in the example like the above you can still enjoy the event as if you weren’t a volunteer once the work is done.

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