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Visa Gift Cards…….Really?

While checking out at the grocery aisle the other day I saw this gift card rack and on it had these Visa gift cards. Essentially, it is a credit card with an X amount of money where you can spend it with any merchant that accepts Visa normally. An ultimate gift card I guess you can say and that is how the literature in the package kind of presented it as too.

After thinking about more, wouldn’t plain money be better? The funny thing too was that apparently there is a transaction fee for using this gift card as well. So it makes you wonder, if you are giving it mainly as a gift wouldn’t it make more sense just to give plain old money? Technically that would be more of an ultimate freedom to buy almost anything. Think this is one of the few times I would say that using cash would be better.

I personally only see this useful for a person that can’t get a credit card and need to buy something specifically online.

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