Virus Pandemic Shopping Coronavirus
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Virus Pandemic Shopping Coronavirus

Well I guess a ton of people are definitely trying to prepare for any coronavirus related lockdowns of sort as there are a lot of stores with empty shelves. It seems like most people are buying up dried food that can be cooked easily such as beans and instant noodles. Overall it can be a no risk type of purchase since they last for such a long time where at worst it just mean you will not have to shop for these items for a long time.

When you see empty shelves like these though are you inclined to buy stuff the next time they stock up right away knowing how crazy people are in wanting to buy everything? Oddly enough I don’t tend to get caught up in these kinds of buying frenzy unless it was explicitly a good deal overall like any other day. For example, tons of people are buying bottled water. Like here, am I the only one that thinks if you really want bottled water you can just say bottle your own tap water or even boil it first if you are clearly that concern of safety?

In many ways it’s almost like an odd fear of missing out reaction where you are buying because everyone else is. Fortunately too I usually stock up in a big way when there are bargains to be found. That way you don’t have to be at the mercy of potential price gouging too during times like this.

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