Virtual Hiring And Screening Easier or Harder

Virtual Hiring And Screening Easier or Harder

I was thinking the other day as a company decided they wanted to hire my help for a project which made me reflect how the whole scenario went down in terms of having to do everything virtual nowadays. Compared to a traditional pre-pandemic method you would probably meet with the company first and maybe do some kind of interview as people look over resumes. Nowadays though, it is more a straight up show me what you are all about sort of deal I feel with tangible items.

For example, they can only really judge you based on things like accomplishments and work that you produce specifically for say this screening process. So no worries of say having to wear a suit and impressing people that way or making some kind of witty or intellectually amazing response. But the main issue for this scenario is simply adapting with all the tools necessary for digital communication.

For example, reading and signing documents purely using digital means or being able to edit and upload presentation videos promptly. Fortunately for myself I have always been comfortable around tech. So in many ways it feels like the hiring process is easier. This may not be true for people who must work in a physical retail store as an example. But for contract work and people who run service based businesses it almost feels more efficient with less travel and process to essentially get to the final decision on who to hire.

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