Viewing Restaurant Tips As Gratitude or Essential Income

Viewing Restaurant Tips As Gratitude or Essential Income

There was this video posted online recently that got a lot of attention where a person posted their pay-stub of how much they made in a restaurant after all the expenses were taken out. From the video it would appear the person worked a little over 70 hours at a rate $2.13. That actually made me wonder how that was even a legal minimum wage. But t the end of it she indicated her take-home pay was $9.28.

Unbelievable huh? The purpose of the video was to tell people that if you ever dine out at a restaurant it is especially important that you leave tips as without employees can’t survive. That kind of raises the debate on whether or not a tip should be viewed as an extra incentive for people doing a good job versus business owners who are in a sense taking advantage of the fact that they don’t feel they need to pay too high of a wage as the customer will feel morally obligated to tip in order to help them balance it.

It makes you wonder how an industry can go on for that long this way since you don’t see this as an issue with people working in a fast food restaurant as an example. I guess maybe it’s the mentality of “That’s how it’s always been” to the point where people just accept it.

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