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Vancouver Web Design Company In Canada

I just got some e-mails from people wanting to know a bit more about the company that I run. As you can all tell from reading this blog, I live in Vancouver, BC in Canada. My company is called AL6400 Solutions which offers web design, web development and Internet marketing services for individuals and companies. Normally most people can’t differentiate the difference between say design or development and so to make it easier I often simply tell people that it is a web design company (Hence, the title of the post). If you do want to know the difference, one is a creative process and the other is technical programming work.

Basically, when someone needs to make an online presence they come to us as they need a professional solution as most people recognize that if you run a serious business it can be costly if you do something that can harm your site and image. One of the great things that I am definitely proud of is how I had a vision to make the company a complete solutions provider as I noticed most other firms really only did specialize in one category while offering additional services as an afterthought. This has enabled my company to be fortunate enough to work on a wide range of small to large scale projects that were either very demanding artistically or technically.

The economy here in BC is great as well with things like the Vancouver Olympics 2010 coming which has also been a good reason on why my company has been receiving a lot of business from people who are trying to take advantage of the event and requiring an online presence to do it. Of course, the best thing of all is completing a site and then seeing the clients become successful. I think that is true for a lot of people who run a business as well as even simple things like seeing the smile on people’s faces helps to make your day as a way of showing a job well done.

That’s basically a nutshell summary of it. A lot of great sites are being built as I am writing this which always excites me. I think an interesting type of site that I would be interested in building is a site that shows off some of the places you can visit here in British Columbia such as Stanley Park, PNE (Pacific National Exhibition), Harbour Centre Tower and maybe even things like the Vancouver Canucks. Just to clarify too, this blog is completely independent from AL6400 Solutions as I started this blog to specifically help people about business and financial management issues. Actually, maybe now that you know more about the type of services that my company provides, if you end up becoming my customer just mention that you read about the company from this blog. Would be kind of neat and that way you can directly speak with me. Anyways, hope that helps to enlighten everyone.

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