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Vancouver Peaceful Protest And The Thought of Self-Management

Today there was the expectation that there would be thousands of people in the downtown area protesting against racism where police and public workers were definitely preparing for the worst. For example, people deciding to go on a riot and looting spree. But as expected everyone did it in a peaceful manner as for the most part it was simply a large gathering of solidarity. With that in mind the authority figures actually stayed pretty far back it seems and just allowed people to do their thing with the initial trust that everyone was responsible. It did turn out that way.

When you hear stories in some other places it seemed like the threat of letting people know that if they do something wrong they will get arrested as an example in many ways created more conflict. It got me thinking of things like business management style. Some people opt to use an authoritative and fear strategy such as if people don’t do well they will be fired as an example. That could create a hostile environment. On the other hand there are those that choose the trust and empowering route.

I still remember when I worked at a store the best manger that actually made the place profitable empowered me to be my best while giving a lot of trust. For example, to go to the back and unlock a cage to get high priced items one usually needs to be accompanied by a manger. In this case eventually from working a lot I guess the manger started to trust m and the next time I requested to get an item he made it abundantly clear that he will just give me his keys to grab the item. That indeed made me want to work harder as it showed a lot of trust and respect.

Probably way less work for the people in charge too when you successful create an environment where people naturally want to do the right thing.

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