Vancouver Chandelier Expensive Art Piece Class Division
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Vancouver Chandelier Expensive Art Piece Class Division

Vancouver Chandelier

So here in Vancouver there was this very expensive Chandelier that was placed under the Granville bridge where it is supposed to be an art piece to help make the area look better I guess you can say as the area is in redevelopment. Apparently this chandelier costs over $4.6 Million or so which has caused a lot of division between people saying this is essentially dividing the rich from the poor. Of course the other perspective is that it looks nice and will be a great attraction once the whole area completes construction.

It kind of makes you think as I know a ton of business that have very expensive art pieces as an example where people don’t see it as a division of class. For example, going to a restaurant and seeing some kind of artwork that is worth thousands of dollars doesn’t usually make people want to boycott the place because it only caters to the rich. Of course this situation is a little different just in terms of where the funding came from and all.

But with disputes like these would you ever be conscious about not using expensive art around your business in order to avoid this kind of public conflict? Like here it resulted in conversations on how the money could be better spent. Then again, there actually are businesses that specifically only want to cater to the wealthy as well.

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