Value of Handmade Gift That Costs Time Instead
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Value of Handmade Gift That Costs Time Instead

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The other day I bumped into some people who I don’t know very well as I only met them from playing video games at like public gatherings. Apparently their entire family played as well which is always fun to see. I had this item to giveaway in the game that would enable them to access a special event as I remembered them saying that they have never gotten an invitation before. So I thought they would be enthusiastic about this and gave them it.

They were excited and the funny thing was on the day of the event they gave me a Christmas card. Surprising as again I didn’t really know them that well. Upon opening it at first I was kind of surprised that they found a card that had themes from the video game. Upon further inspection the person actually hand drawn everything which was impressive.

To think they could have just bought like a card from the store like we most do. But I was thinking how the value of this card means way more than just buying one from the dollar store as an example. So when it comes to things like Christmas gifts do you ever feel at times you should put your wallet away and try to create things for people instead? In many ways you not only save money but can give things with more meaning and value too.

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